The island of Ua-Pou peaks are “Jurassic Park-esque” incredible!

Wednesday January 13, Went ashore had lunch at a local restaurant. Dan had sushi, I had chicken with rice. Also stopped by the arts center, the book store was still closed. We were hoping to buy a card or birthday card to mail to Dan’s Aunt Helen who will be 95 on the 19th, and we all want her to receive at least 95 birthday cards. Daughter Beth will send a card for us instead.

Another interesting feature about this town, Hakahau, is Manfred the Marquesas Chocolatier. It was a 6 mile (according to my watch) round trip hike on a hilly dirt road. 70-80% cacao organic dark chocolate.

We were greeted by the dogs then by Manfred. He had us sign the blue canapé by the pool. The underside is covered with thousands of signatures from boats that have stopped to visit him. In 2019, there were over 1000 boats, last year there were about 700 boats. This January, 19 people was have stopped by.

The kitchen has a bench at the counter, where he told us his story, and gave us samples of his chocolate. The two guys from another boat (s/v Alexander One) anchored in the bay arrived shortly after us.

Manfred grows all his own cocoa plants, uses no pesticides nor does he add palm oil to his products. A true organic chocolate. There have been chocolateers from France who have come to visit him and view his process. He would not let us see what was the room he works in, not even his wife is allowed in. There’s a store in Tahiti now selling his chocolate, twice the price he sells it for here. He was quite a character, born in Germany, he speaks 3 languages, German, English and French. He arrived here in 1987 from Germany. He used to fly helicopters. We purchased 10 bars 2 each of 5 different kinds. All dark chocolate, some have nuts in them. We spent about $45 US.

On the property were numerous dogs, dozens of cats, and chickens.

We are pulled up anchor late afternoon, going around to the NW side of the island, to Hakahetau. We did not go ashore today.

Thursday January 14, it was a rainy morning. By 1pm it had stopped and we went ashore. We were hoping to have lunch at the local restaurant but it is closed for 5 days as the husband or chef is away on vacation.

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