Friday January 15, We departed Hakahau late afternoon escorted by several dolphins. Went south along the western shore to the village of Hakatoa. We anchored in 79 ft of water, in a very protected cove, didn’t feel comfortable leaving the boat, just in case the anchor didn’t hold.

Saturday January 16, In the morning we re-anchored closer to the town.

*Sourdough Notes* baked a Belle loaf this morning, my once a week bread bake. The loafs are about 8 inches round.

We went ashore and walk around the small village. The homes have beautiful vegetation around them. There isn’t much here, a small grocery store with very limited hours. A group of 12 or so children ages 10-12, were playing together by the water then closer to what looked like a school yard. Three fishermen came ashore we offered to purchase a fish from them, they filleted it for us. A young boy came over to us a gave us two yellow-green fruits, not sure what they are, they have a citrus smell to them. Guess we’ll find out when we cut them open. Don’t believe they are breadfruit, a Polynesian staple food. Update: they were grapefruits. Really hard on the outside, yellow on the inside, sweet and sour.

Grilling fish for dinner.

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