Ua-Pou to the Tuamotu Islands

Day 1- Sunday January 17, the Tuamotu Islands are mostly Atolls. Destination, Rangiroa. Just before 9am, anchor up, on our way, escorted by a pod of dolphins.

6.7 speed over ground, 13.5 true wind, course over ground 215. Later we deployed the spinnaker, doing 7.4speed over ground with 12.6 knots of wind! It was up til sunset.

We are rationing our chocolate, one half bar every three days. Today is the first of 18 days of chocolate.

Oh my, the stars, the Milky Way, the Southern Cross!

Miles traveled 163 Average Speed 6.8knots Max Speed 11knots

Day 2-Monday January 18, cruising along averaging 6.9 knots, true wind 17-19 knots.

Dan cut one of the “grapefruits” we were given on Hakahau. They looked and tasted like grapefruit one the inside. Sweet and bitter. Several hours later and into the night I developed hives, I believe from that fruit. Odd that I had that reaction.

Baked a banana bread this afternoon. For dinner a new recipe, Cabbage Lasagna. Very good! This one is from The Boat Galley Cookbook. I used canned chicken instead of beef.

Oh my, the stars, the Milky Way, the Southern Cross!

Miles traveled 327.5 Average Speed 6.8knots Max Speed 12knots

Day 3-Tuesday January 19, calmer seas this morning, 13knots true wind, speed over ground 6.8knots. Rolled in the Genoa and Staysail, deployed the spinnaker, gained a 1 to 1.5knots of speed! Then of course the wind shifts, spinnaker down, code 65 up, staysail up. AH! Rain coming, couldn’t see the top of the dark cloud with rain, unable to tell if was going to a squall with big winds, code 65 down, Genoa out, partial cockpit enclosure zipped up. Rain passes, enclosure rolled up, Code sail back up. Our morning exercise routine!

In the afternoon we baked chocolate chip cookies, for dinner Sweet and Sour Cabbage and Bacon.

Oh my, the stars, the Milky Way, the Southern Cross!

Miles traveled 485.6 Average Speed 6.8knots Max Speed 12knots

Day4-Wednesday January 20, Inauguration Day! May the country move forward to a more United States than a divided states.

Wind this morning, 13-14 knots, speed over ground 7.6knots, 1-2 ft waves, partly cloudy. Quick rain shower early rinsed off the boat. Three squall followed with winds up to 25knots, more rain. Sails in and out most of the day.

Today is a chocolate day number 2.

By 6:30 pm we arrived at Rangiroa, it’s the second largest Atoll in the world. Dropped anchor near several other sailboats.

Miles traveled 584.2 Average Speed 6.9 Max Speed 12 Trip time 83:29:06 Total miles traveled 16352

Cloudy sky this evening, with storms and lightning in the distance.

10 thoughts on “Ua-Pou to the Tuamotu Islands

  1. Have you met the other boaters? What are their stories? What’s the Covid status there?

    We’ve never had Sweet & Sour Cabbage & Bacon as an Entree. Not Compliant !!!


  2. Sorry you got hives, hopefully you had some benadryl or they went down quickly. Love the sunset pictures and glad you had some beautiful clear nights to break up the rain and winds.
    Thinking of you,


  3. The views are stupendous.
    Food photos are super…can taste that lovely round loaf of bread.
    Ever Try lasagna made with butternut squash or other squash is tasty too… using cumin or curry gives a different slant/taste
    Enjoy. Your trip each time still amazes me.


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