Wednesday January 29, Arrived in The Atoll Rangiroa anchored in the lagoon around 6:30pm as the sun was setting.

Thursday January 21, Went ashore to today good to walk around after being at sea for 4 days. Had lunch near the dock. A cargo supply ship had arrived, they come here every other week. Dan had posted on the French Polynesia Cruiser Facebook page we were here, another boat replied they were parked next to us. We stopped by their boat on our way back. Nice couple, s/v Lenora, Larissa and Christoph, he’s from Germany, she’s originally from Brazil, though her family now lives in Long Island, NY.

Friday January 22, it was a rainy morning so it was clean the inside of the boat day. When the rain stopped, we took about a 7 mile round trip ride in the dinghy to go to the post office. They sell Vini travel SIM cards there, looks like the only way to have internet access here except WiFi at restaurants, which isn’t very strong. Unfortunately the Post Office was closed, won’t open till Monday.

We returned to Trance to pick up a few reusable grocery bags headed to the little food store. The produce selection was better today after the arrival of the supply ship. We purchased cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, onions and lettuce and frozen salmon filets.

*Sourdough Notes* mixed the dough for a Belle loaf will bake it tomorrow morning.

Evening sundowners on our boat with our new friends from Germany, Christoph and Larissa.

Saturday January 23, *Sourdough Notes* baked bread this morning.

Made a trip to town to see if the smaller store was open, our friends told us they have fruit. We purchased apples, oranges and a small watermelon.

After returning to the boat we went snorkeling at a shallow area close to the where Trance is anchored. After lunch we dinghy’d over the island Motu Nuhi Nuhi, at the Tiputa Pass to snorkel. This area is a protected underwater aquarium with coral in several colors and little beautiful fish. There are several mooring balls to connect to as to not damage the coral with an anchor.

Sundowners with Kate and Bill s/v Seneto from Southampton UK.

Sunday January 24, lazy Sunday. Made sun tea using an empty rum bottle, looks like dark rum.

For dinner we grilled salmon filets, brushed with pomegranate molasses and foil roasted potatoes on the grill.

4 thoughts on “Rangiroa

  1. Yet another fascinating stop on your world tour. These island places are beautiful. It never ceases to amze me how well you eat. You must have some weight control secrets, maybe like running?

    Cheers, Gil

    PS- It is quite cold here the next few days.


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