Atoll Hopping-Rangiroa to Apataki to Toau to Fakarava

Thursday January 28, On our way ashore mid morning, we stopped by s/v Seneto and s/v Joy to say goodbye, as well as s/v Lenora but they were not there. Those three are leaving in day or so, we may meet up again. Also took our trash and recycling to the dumpsters. The restaurants at the dock were not open yet, so walked to the little grocery store as Dan wanted sponges to use for applying teak sealer. Josephine’s is down the road next to the store so went there. Larissa and Christoph (s/v Lenora, were there so we had lunch with them on deck by the water. Glad we ran into them before leaving.

After lunch we video chatted with the kids, that was great!

Departed Rangiroa around 4:30pm, slack tide. Destination is the atoll Apataki.

Friday, January 29, Happy Birthday Ben! Arrived in Apataki around 11:30am. We are anchored on the far side near the boat yard. There is one other boat here s/v Let it Be from Quebec, Canada, Sylvain and Suzanne. We stopped at their boat to say hello upon returning from a short shore trip.

Saturday January 30, It was discovered when we pulled up anchor at Rangiroa, our Windless was failing. A Windless is motorized winch that deploys the anchor up and down. Dan needed to assist it using a winch handle and when we dropped anchor in Apataki. Today he worked on trying to remove the motor but looks like it’s epoxied to the fiberglass. Project for another day.

Chocolate day #5!

Oh my, the Stars! The Milky Way and the Southern Cross! Stargazed on the bow till the moon rose at 8:30pm

Sunday January 31, Happy Birthday Luke! *Sourdough Notes* Baked a Belle loaf this morning as well as chocolate chip cookies.

Departed our anchorage at 12 noon, to catch the outgoing tide at the pass. Heading for Toau. It is an atoll but there’s a false pass on the north shore we going to. The false pass is around 35ft deep until you get to range markers, then it’s very shallow coral reef. There are 7 mooring buoys here.

Monday, February 1, Happy Birthday Dan! Went ashore and met Valentine and Gaston who live here, often prepare dinner for the cruisers who visit. You can read about them in several South Pacific cruising guides.

Late afternoon we shared a bottle of wine with them as well as Martial who is on another boat here, celebrating Dan’s birthday.

Martial has been here for almost 2 weeks. He’s been helping Gaston build his boat.

Tuesday February 2, Ground Hog Day, he saw his shadow, 6 more weeks of winter!

Departed Toau at 7am, in hopes to catch slack tide in Fakarava around 2pm. Arrived right on schedule, connected to mooring buoy, engine off, relax time!

8 thoughts on “Atoll Hopping-Rangiroa to Apataki to Toau to Fakarava

  1. Wow Dan, I’m so envious – we are digging out from a major snow dump here in NJ and I bet you are glad you are not here! all the very best


  2. Happy belated birthday, Dan. What a great spot to be celebrating. The pictures are great (as always) Marlene. I love the phone booth. I’m not so sure of the bird trying to get your wine. Love you, Sheila


  3. Quite Interesting. Have you asked people, like Valentine and Gaston, where they are from, what brought them to the atoll, how they make a living to pay for supplies and what keeps them there?

    I would love to Visit, but I’m not sure I’d want to live there.


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