Wednesday February 3, went ashore this morning, stopped at Yacht Services. Gave them some laundry to wash for us and finally was able to purchase a SIM card for internet! Then we had lunch at a resort the water.

Thursday February 4, rented bikes from Yacht Services, rode at least 18 miles. Stopped for lunch at an outdoors restaurant. We rode to the airport then an additional 10k.

Friday February 5, this morning we moved Trance 6 miles south and connected to another mooring ball there.

February 2, was chocolate day #6, today is Chocolate day #7.

Saturday February 6, we sailed to south entrance of Fakarava, we’ll stay here a few days. There are two resorts here, one is closed, the other one has no TV to watch the football game.

Sunday February 7, Super Bowl Sunday. Mid morning we took the dinghy to pass, the current was slack and about to start flowing into the lagoon. The snorkeling and diving here at the southern pass, is supposedly the best, world class. We drove through, almost to the end, jumped in the water with snorkel gear on, holding onto the dinghy with ropes, then we floated in with the current (dinghy too). So cool! We did this a few times.

This video below was taken from Trance. A school of mixed fish swam by, Dan was feeding then Pepperidge Farms goldfish.

38 second video with music

Had sundowners on the boat next to us, s/v Kathryn del Fuego. Russell and Kate, their nanny Chloe, they have 2 boys Hugo and Felix from the UK.

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