Destination Tahiti

Monday February 8, Slack tide around noon, to go through the pass. We’re leaving the Tuamotu Islands heading for the Society Islands.

It was a pleasant afternoon sail. After the sunset, Oh my the stars, the Milky Way, the Southern Cross, the lightning! By midnight it was like the 4th of July. 360 degrees of flash. Come 4am, we sailed through a very active, short lived, storm squall, with a downpour of rain, thunder and lightning with 30knots of wind.

Tuesday February 9, Happy Birthday Dylan! The air is much cooler today, the clouds are thunderous, gray with occasional lightning. The main and Genoa are reefed, staysail is full, 20-28 knots true wind, speed over ground 6-8knots. By evening the wind had dropped to 8knots, still have some gray skies all around.

Chocolate day# 8, (actually it was supposed to be yesterday) for dinner we had wild rice, cabbage and Chickpea pilaf.

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