Still Waiting

Sunday February 28, R & R on the boat. Dan has been reading the book “Robin”, a biography about Robin Williams. I brought along two craft projects that were started several years ago. The first project was counted cross stitch. I’m not finished with it but I can’t do any more as I need more of a few specific thread colors. The second is one Danielle and I started maybe 25 years ago? It’s an eye spy mini quilt made up of juvenile novelty fabrics cut in hexagons and solid colored triangles, English Paper Piecing, all sewn together by hand. I’m on row 6 of 15.

Monday March 1, we took the boat out for a short sail to fill up the gas tank. The gas dock is at another marina. For dinner we walked to JoJo’s pizza located the other side of the park. Dan played a game of foseball with our waiter, close game but Dan won.

Tuesday March 2, we hung out at the ferry station, good WiFi, had lunch, picked up a schedule. We’re thinking of taking a day trip by ferry, over to Moorea and possibly take a guided tour of the island.

Later we had sundowners at the outdoor bar next to the marina with Kris and David from s/v Taipan. Their boat is also here in the marina. We are both looking to sail to Fiji in the near future. They will be returning home to Australia completing their circumnavigation that began in 2004.

The world just got a little bit smaller, as Kris and David know our buddies on Saltair3! They were all friends in the Bahamas.

Chocolate day #12.

Wednesday March 3, boat projects in the morning, thunderstorms rolled through in the afternoon. Dan read, I sewed.

Thursday March 4, spent time at the Ferry terminal on WiFi, doing more research.

There were several significant earthquakes at the Kermadec Islands Region, northern New Zealand today, one as high as 8.1. This prompted tsunami warnings across many South Pacific Islands. Here in Papeete, officials said 60cm to 1.5 meter (2-5 ft) waves were possible or higher high tide levels. Some areas were evacuated. Nothing significant was noticed by us, we did follow all the updated reports. Tsunami sirens here were not sounded.

For dinner I made a cold pasta salad with shrimp, onion, green pepper, roasted red peppers, chick peas in a white wine lemon juice dressing. topped with shredded Parmesan cheese.

Friday March 5, it’s a cloudy day with little wind, so we turned-on the engine to charge the boat’s batteries. Yet, the engine was not charging the batteries! After an investigation of checking connections and wire continuity, we found a disconnected wire at the oil pressure sensor that provides an indication the motor is running… which “switches on” the voltage regulator. Problem solved saved $100’s of dollars!

Today is a public holiday in French Polynesia. It’s Missionary Day. Schools are closed as well as most businesses.

Saturday March 6, boat project day, it’s never ending. Today Dan added waterproofing to the Bimini. I read through Dan’s ASA text books. He’s an ASA sailing instructor. We went through all the review questions guess I know how sail! I learned a new valuable knot, the Rolling Hitch.

Chocolate Day #13.

4 thoughts on “Still Waiting

  1. Wow, you are really stretching the 10 candy bars. How big is each piece every 3 Days?

    Kris and David started in 2004. Long trip. Compare their world route to yours for us. Did they need to get jobs to raise funds during the trip?


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