Visit to Moorea

Sunday March 7, another trip to the ferry terminal for WiFi. Had to look up a few numbers for our accountant, aka daughter Danielle. While there, we video chatted with the kids, each individually, seems to work out better that way. We have found video chatting here works best through Facebook Messenger, must be their fast low bandwidth.

Monday March 8, trip to the ferry terminal, this time to purchase tickets. Tomorrow we really taking a private guided tour of Moorea. We had lunch there too, Cindy and Mark showed-up, and joined us.

Tuesday March 9, Moorea. On board the 8:10 ferry, we’re heading to the island of Moorea, taking a 4 hour tour with Ron from Safari Mario. We were his first tour in four months!

Some of the land in the center of the island is leased by the government to collective of 30 families. There they grow fruits, 80% go to the juice factory, they get the rest plus the juice profits. The factory also produces rum and champagne. None of the products are exported.

The view from The Magic Mountain. Moorea is surrounded by a coral reef.

6 thoughts on “Visit to Moorea

  1. A year ago today we were driving from Florida to NY to fly to meet you in Puerto Vallarta! How far you have gone since then.!


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