Still here in Tahiti

Wednesday March 10, found another store like the Polynesian Trading Company. This one is called Maxi. It also carries Costco and Sams Clubs bulk products. Both stores are very small but well stocked.

Our kids shipped us a package via FedEx on February 17, that hasn’t arrived yet. It went from Philadelphia to Memphis to Los Angeles. Then to Honolulu, to East Tamaki, (Auckland) New Zealand, back to Los Angeles! The boat part we are waiting for are in Los Angeles too. It has not quite been the world traveler. Started in Southampton, UK, went to Los Angeles then Cincinnati, back in Los Angeles on hold since February 16. We called the local FedEx and DHL (boat part) offices here, they are frustrated too with many customer complaints. As it turns out shippers put their cargo on passenger planes, right now French Polynesia is COVID closed. Hopefully they will reopen by the April.

Thursday March 11, on our walk today we stopped for brunch at this wonderful little coffee house with a delicious selection of French pastries.

Friday March 12, walked to grocery store for a few produce item, 2 mile trip.

Chocolate day #14, we keep forgetting, so the schedule is now Tuesday and Friday. We’ll see if that works.

Saturday March 13, this morning along with two other boats here, s/v Tiapan and s/v Bliss, received our first COVID vaccine. We walked to the Presidential Palace where they had set up a mass vaccination center, no appointment needed. It was held under an outdoor pavilion. The process was relatively quick, less than 1.5 hours, there were close to 700 people. Numbers were handed out to those in line for counting purposes as they had 1100 doses available this day. We were also given a date for the second shot. There will be several mass vaccination centers around as they are eager to reopen the country.

Afterwards we all treated ourselves to French pastries, followed by sundowners on s/v Bliss in the evening.

Sunday March 14, started a new tradition today, Sunday morning pancakes. You see I have a Costco size bag of Krusteaz pancake mix I’d like not to go to waste.

The rest of day was R & R, as are most day as we’re still waiting for packages. After they arrive and the new windlass is installed we’ll leave Tahiti and start sailing west but not til after our second COVID shot.

Monday & Tuesday March 15,16, no side effects from our first vaccine. It was two relaxing days. I worked on my hand sewing project, Dan was writing on his computer.

Tuesday was chocolate day #15.

Wednesday March 17, ☘️ today we went for a long walk 4.5 miles, in search of a boat part. Had lunch at third floor rooftop restaurant. I went back to the boat, Dan got a hair cut. Tomorrow I’ll have to purchase a new SIM card for my phone as my data is almost gone.

We’ve been using WhatsApp for texting. It uses less data, that number is my cell number. (in case anyone wonders why I don’t return your texts) Facebook Messenger works well too.

6 thoughts on “Still here in Tahiti

  1. We love reading your blog,-I hope your packages arrive soon. Last week I received my Jan 11th PEOPLE magazine,-2 mo+ late….Ray and I have received our second vaccine-very happy about that!! Take care-Beth


      1. Hey Kids,

        A year ago we were hanging in Cabo.
        Memories keep popping up!

        I got the Pfizer last fall. No side effects after first dose. I had a tough day the day after my second dose. 🤞that doesn’t happen to you two.


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