Friends, Wine & Waiting

Thursday March 18, breakfast at the ferry terminal for free WiFi. Later purchased a new SIM card for my phone, $80 USD for 10G of data, that expires after 30 days. AT&T is supposed to work here through their International Day Pass, but it doesn’t, it’s only one bar of service, can’t even text.

For dinner I made smashed sweet potatoes, so good!

Friday March 19, chocolate day#16! The last one!

Tahiti is not a very big island. We’ve seen just about all of it. If our boat part was here we’d be off exploring other islands. So we wait…

It’s tough writing about everyday life on a boat, but it’s the memory we’re going for.

Saturday March 20, recently we connected through a closed Facebook group, sailboats that are going west the same as us. It’s looking like possibly 4 boats to buddy with crossing the Indian Ocean. We’ll coordinate later in year where to stop, which countries have opened up.

Sunday March 21, reading and sewing day. Dan also washed his clothes.

A little excitement last night. A boat was towed into the marina with engine troubles, they put it between us and another boat. We are are in a catamaran slip so it’s really wide. This boat had to be tied to us and the other boat on the adjacent dock. Not a good situation, hopefully they can fix it quickly.

Monday March 22, The boat next to us was fixed and they’re gone now.

Still waiting…Package update, the FedEx one went from LA back to hub in Memphis, now it’s in Paris! I’m thinking this is a good thing, as there are weekly flights from Paris to Papeete. Just wish we could collect frequent flyer miles from this package! The DHL box left LA went to New Zealand then back to the hub in Cincinnati. Wonder if it’s going to Paris also?

Tuesday March 23, I found DMC embroidery floss! Never thought I’d find that here. I only needed one color, so I picked up 2 skeins of it. Finished my cross stitch project with the exception of the metallic threads, those I left at home.

The small chapel is Chapelle de l’Évêché, Capel of the Sacred Heart, built in 1877 by Brother Théophile, remains one of the oldest buildings in Papeete. The grounds surrounding it are Gardens of the Bishopric, gardens of the bishop. It is very lush with many plants, flowers and trees.

On a sad note, friends we met are leaving Thursday on a medical transport evacuation plane. He is currently in the hospital. They hired a captain to sail the boat back home. Hope all goes well for them.

Wednesday March 24, had sundowners with Didier and Magaly on s/v Falbala, they are from France, also on a 2.5 year circumnavigation like us. Served were traditional French hors d’oeuvres, Cod liver pâté on baguette slices, with and without a dill pickle gherkin, and a really intense Brie spread also on bread. They also shared two exceptional white French wines. If plans work, out we’ll cross the Indian Ocean with them to South Africa, then north up the Atlantic Ocean.

Thursday March 25, Magaly and I went clothes shopping. We both purchased a few of dresses. Dan helped Didier tune the standing rigging on their boat, as we have a large loose gauge.

Friday March 26, went to JoJo’s for pizza, this time we did take out and went back to the boat.

Saturday March 27, we had lunch at Miri Miri Tea House, it’s next to Tahiti Tourism we can pick up their WiFi there.

For dinner we cooked a Duck breast that friends gave us. I thought it tasted like the dark meat on pork chops.

Sunday March 28, pancakes for breakfast, then walked to the Champion grocery store for a few items.

In the afternoon we fixed the spinnaker pole. The release line broke months ago.

In the evening sundowners on our boat with Didier and Magaly. I made a Buffalo chicken dip served with chips (an American dish), accompanied by red wine from California.

10 thoughts on “Friends, Wine & Waiting

  1. Oh, the Last of the Chocolate. How Sad. Yet, they must sell chocolate in Tahiti !!!
    What was wrong with the boat they towed in? Did you get to meet them?
    Wow, that anchor package is traveling farther than your boat will.
    What was wrong with the person in the Hospital? How far were they into their trip?
    The bottle of Bordeaux looks familiar. On our Bordeaux River Cruise we may have had lunch at that castle.
    Duck to me tastes like dark Turkey meat.
    Glad you’re seeing ALL of Tahiti. You may not get back.


  2. Sounds warmer and more delightful and yummier than here!!! I lost track of you guys for a bit!! Sounds like a better place to be stuck in! Always GREAT to see and hear your expensive posts to us all out & up here!! Happy Easter!!!


  3. I just can’t believe all the traveling your pkg is going through!!!! Beth said you plan on leaving in 10 days. What happens if you don’t receive your pkg by then? At least, since you can’t leave, you have nice company, interesting food and what looks to be beautiful weather. That’s awesome that you will be traveling the Indian Ocean with 4 other boats. Always nice to have the extra company. How on earth did you hold off on your chocolate for so long???? I certainly would have replaced it many times over by now. LOL


      1. LOL You are much better than me because I think chocolate tastes even better cold.


  4. Patience is a virtue they say!

    So great you have some possible buddy boats going across the Indian Ocean.

    Last year we died eggs at Leslie’s and had Easter dinner on Trance.

    What is the plan this year?


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