“More Power Scotty”

Monday March 29, sundowners on our boat with Janaki and Graham from s/v Leela, she is originally from Australia, he’s from the UK. They had lived in the USA for about 20 years, in Texas and New Hampshire, as well as in Canada.

Tuesday March 30, our friends Didier and Magaly left for Raiatea this morning. We hope to meet up with them in the near future.

It was a walking day. Only 4.2 miles today but I don’t think I ever mentioned the temperature. It’s been in the low 90’s (for all of walks) with sunny skies little cloud cover.

Wednesday March 31, our DHL package arrived! We had to pay an additional $150 USD for DHL administration fees to get it.

This package is the new windlass gear box. The box was opened on the dock, as it is never good to bring corrugated cardboard on a boat. Roaches and other bugs have been known to lay eggs in the layers of the cardboard.

And of course the new part, same model number as the old is two inches longer. Fortunately it fit in the space with some effort.

We met up the boat near us at the restaurant next to the marina for drinks in the evening, Paul and Suzanne on s/v Rubis. They live on their boat here in French Polynesia. He is from France, she is Canadian.

Thursday April 1, we purchased two new solar panels for the boat today from a local company. They are each 320 Watts Monocrystalline, which will give us 50% increase in power. They will be delivered next week.

Friday April 2, today starts a 4 Easter day holiday in French Polynesia. Stores all closed by 11am today. We finished the windlass installation, putting back together the winch on the bow attached to the gearbox.

Saturday April 3, trip to grocery store, lunch at the ferry terminal, hung on the WiFi for a while, downloaded a movie and a few TV episodes.

Sunday April 4, Happy Easter. Went to Tahini Tourism, then to the ferry terminal to video chat with the kids. it was a very untraditional day for us, we made spaghetti with meat sauce for dinner.

8 thoughts on ““More Power Scotty”

  1. Yell to Didier and Magaly and have them take in their Bumpers !!!
    Can you take a photo of the other side of the new windlass gear box, to see how the chain connects?
    How much time have Paul and Suzanne spent at Tahiti and in total on their boat?
    Adding Solar panels together are 5.5′ x 6.5′. Where will you mount them?

    Happy Easter. Where is the 2nd package?


    1. It’s ok to have the bumpers down till you clear the marina, there are more boats around that corner.

      The chain does not connect to the gearbox, the gearbox is connected to a winch on the bow, that manages the chain.

      Paul and Suzanne live here, they live on their boat.

      We are replacing the solar panels currently on the boat for more power. They are located above the cockpit mounted to the frame that hangs over the dinghy.


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