“Let the Sunshine“

Monday April 5, walked around Papeete a bit today just abut everything is closed for Easter Monday. We did stop at Les Reves de Lucie and shared a delicious chocolate croissant.

Tuesday April 6, our new solar panels were delivered. They were partially installed, as we needed to get plastic washers requiring a walk to Ace hardware store. There has been an Ace hardware store in every country and city we’ve visited!

Sundowners on our boat with Andy and Alison on s/v Venture Lady, from the UK. They are a couple boats down from us.

Wednesday April 7, finished the solar panels install today.

Thursday April 8, decided to keep one of the older panels, and connected it in parallel with the two new panels. We walked a good 6 miles today. First to a solar panel store that sells parts, for a connector to combine the 3 solar panels, then to Maxi’s the store that has Costco and Sams Club’s products. Of course we pulled our wagon with us all day!

For dinner we went to the Urban Cafe. Great food, live music. We sat outside on the patio under umbrellas with lights and banana trees.

Friday April 9, I baked a loaf of sourdough bread today. It’s been awhile since my last bake. Bread here, well baguettes are subsidized by France and cost around 65 cents. Much cheaper than the cost of baking. Dan likes the bread in a loaf pan compared to a boule, better for sandwiches, which is a matter of opinion.

It took most of the day to mount a frame for the third solar panel to sit. We had to cut a couple holes in the Bimini as this one is attached to the pipes that support the canvas. There is a small shadow certain times of the day from the boom, but the added amperage going into the batteries out weighs that.

Saturday April 10, Happy First Birthday Cora!

We left the boat at just after 7am to get in line for our second Pfizer COVID shot, arrived at 7:20, they opened at 8am, left at 8:21am. They had 6 stations set up with 2 people giving shots at each station. It was quick and very organized. First shots were also being administered to others.

Afterwards we went to our favorite bakery/coffee shop Les Reves de Lucie and shared a chocolate croissant.

Sundowners with Graham and Janaki on s/v Leela.

2 thoughts on ““Let the Sunshine“

    1. The older panels were working as designed, we just needed more power. No room for 4 panels, would be too much for the controller. We now have 880w theoretical.


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