Bula Fiji-Day 1

Friday April 16, Day 1, mailed a couple boxes off to Ben, Tahiti souvenirs for all the adult kids. Departed Papeete 12:30pm, sailing past Moorea.

The distance from Tahiti to Fiji is about 1800 nautical miles. It should be a 12-16 day passage depending on the wind.

“Bula” is ubiquitous Fiji greeting, a simple “Hi”, it translates to “Life”.

Oh my the stars, the Southern Cross and the Milky Way.

*Iridium Go Notes*

This passage I’m sharing blog is notes added by Dan to our Iridium Go GPS tracking map. He typically post at 2am and 2pm, Boat time. Each post is “real time” (GMT) stamped when posted. You can track us here:


We are off to Fiji

Fri 16/Apr 14:16 GMT-10

17º 28.402 S 149º 43.232 W


292° true,

5.6 kt

After successfully completing all the required paperwork to leave French Polynesia, a dinghy ride over to the Customs House, a bus ride to the Immigration Office, passing our COVID Test… at 12:30pm we cast off the dock lines and pointed the boat west.

We really enjoyed our stay.

Beautiful weather! Mostly sunny, Winds around 10knots, on the beam… smooth sailing.

It’s good to be back out on the water

Sat 17/Apr 00:15 GMT-10

17º 25.605 S  150º 33.285 W


276° true,

4.2 kt

The east to west “Trade Winds” are pushing us along gently at 4-5 knots boat speed. Mostly clear night, the sliver of a moon is gone now, so the galaxies are out tonight. All is well!

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