Bula Fiji-Day 2

Saturday April 17, Day-2

Light winds, 5-8knots true, code 65 sail is flying.

By late afternoon the the wind had dropped to 2 knots, the sails were rolled in and engine turned on. We motored through the night.

Oh my the stars, the Southern Cross and the Milky Way.

*Iridium Go Notes*

A relaxing sail so far

Sat 17/Apr 12:34 GMT-10

17º 12.876 S 151º 28.604 W,

Course: 305° true, 4.5 kts

Day #1 average boat speed 4.7 knots, 113nm… only 1,675nm to go! Today, winds steady around 8 knots from 50 degrees. “Cody” the Code 65 sail has been out all day, along with a full staysail and full mainsail. Again smooth sailing. We almost have our sea legs back.

Smooth Motoring

Sun 18/Apr 00:40 GMT-10

17º 03.194 S  152º 27.606 W

Course: 270° true, 5.9 kts

The wind stopped late afternoon, so we are motoring along now at 5 knots or so. The forecast indicates breezy conditions approaching.

Another star filled sky tonight. In early evening, the Southern Cross appears on its side, then traces an arch throughout the night. It’s at the highest and upright position around midnight. Thus as we look to the left, we see a giant clock.

We are doing our long lookout night shifts again, with Marlene on watch until midnight, then Dan takes the “graveyard shift”. We nap anytime during the day if desired. We seem to remain well rested this way.

No boats or fish in sight. Yet, we are communicating with a sailboat that left Tahiti a day ahead of us. If not before, we’ll meet-up with them in Fiji.

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