Bula Fiji- Day 10

Sunday April 25, Overnight lying ahull, we drifted back about 7 miles East. Come morning we slowly regained our loss of miles.

Blueberry pancakes for breakfast!

Dan worked on water maker, he added epoxy to the cracked end fitting, hope this will be a temporary solution till we can find a replacement part.

Drifting slowly west, wind has been less than 4 knots all day.

*Iridium Go Notes*

I’ve never seen the sea this calm

Sun 25/Apr 23:09 GMT-10

17º 57.579 S 165º 00.265 W

Course: 328° true, 0.3kts

Lately we’ve been having blueberry pancakes every Sunday, and this Sunday was no exception. We found dehydrated blueberries, Kirkland brand, that taste real good.

We sailed briefly, but gave up in the light shifty winds. So we rolled-up the sails and are drifting through the night. Wind is expected tomorrow, which is Monday.

I’ve never seen the sea this calm.

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