Bula Fiji- Day 9

Saturday April 24, with less than 3 knots of wind, we dropped the sails and are just bobbing in place. Later the wind picked up to a screaming 4 knots and we rolled out the sails and started moving west again.

We’ve heard there is a low trough that could form over Fiji in the next couple of days. This is not good as it could develop into a cyclone. We’ll just wait here possibly run north towards American Samoa if there are signs of development. Technically there are 7 days left in cyclone season here.

Dan is working on propeller shaft, replacing a broken clamp. All better now. Then started we up the water maker, only to find a leak on the end cap. We’ll have to find a new one when we get to Fiji or have one shipped to us. That should process should be much better than in French Polynesia, as their borders were closed.

*Sourdough Notes*

It’s been over two weeks since I last baked bread. Last night I started the Levain, mixed in the morning, baked mid afternoon.

I start my watch at 6pm and it lasts till midnight. There is absolutely no wind but occasional gently rolling waves causing us to meander in circles. The sails are rolled up, again bobbing in place. Our buddy boat is about a mile away, their masthead light is visible. If we were alone, I’m sure we’d be motor sailing through the night. So here we sit, 18.00S, 164.47W in the placid Pacific Ocean, a clear moonlit night with no wind, lying ahull. Dan is below napping, I’ve started reading another book.

*Iridium Go Notes*

More on the Propeller Shaft Seal

Sun 25/Apr 00:09 GMT-10

18º 00.116 S 164º 46.135 W

Course: 90° true, 0.6 kts

Regarding a recent Sailing Trance Facebook post on repairing a leak with the dripless propeller shaft seal. As it turns-out, on the aft end of the propeller shaft seal one hose clamp was broken and the other was stripped. Today I replaced both hose clamps… now it’s drip dry!

Not much boat movement today. Little to no wind, so most of the time we just drifted around in the wrong direction.

Wind is expected to return by Tuesday.

Marlene made a loaf of sourdough bread!

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