Bula Fiji- Day 8

Friday April 23, Distance to Fiji 989 nautical miles

The day was spent adjusting and readjusting sail trim. With winds less than 8knots the entire day with rolling seas. We tried the spinnaker, it was a bit to choppy for it. Later we set the Main and Genoa on opposite tacks, or wing on wing, with the spinnaker pole. Then we jibbed. Dan re-ran the preventer lines, more than once adjusting the angle. A preventer is a rope attached to the end of the boom extending to the bow of the boat. It’s purpose is to prevent an accidental jibe of the boom.

I finished reading “Little Fires Everywhere” by Celeste Ng. I like these kind of stories.

It was a calm night winds 10-12 knots. The night was brightly lit by the moon. We’re cruising at 5.5 to 6 knots with 13 knots of wind. Still hanging with s/v Ocean Sapphire. We talk with each frequently during the day like old friends.

The moon is very brilliant illuminating the ocean. It’s 86% waxing. Few constellation I know are visible. The Southern Cross is, did you you can tell time by it? It rises in the southern horizon on its side, rotating 90 degrees by midnight and is straight above like the sun at noon. It then slides rotating the other way and sets in the north.

*Iridium Go Notes*

Drifting in the Right Direction

Sat 24/Apr 01:08 GMT-10

17º 53.134 S 164º 28.284 W

Course: 241° true, 2.9 kts

It is difficult to call this sailing… the wind is down to less than 5 knots, but there are leftover waves, which disturb the air flow over the flopping sails. So we try to keep the boat drifting in the right direction. Luckily the ocean current is favorable here, otherwise we’d be drifting back to Tahiti.

Mostly clear sky with a bright moon tonight. Pleasant temperatures at night, but hot during the day, so we stay out of the Sun under the shade of the bimney.

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