Bula Fiji- Day 14

Thursday April 29, ahh the smell of baking bread in the morning!

6 knots of wind, rolling seas, cloudy skies, rain in the distance, 541 miles to go!

*Iridium Go Notes*

How we sleep, you ask?

Thu 29/Apr 23:27 GMT-11

17º 59.916 S 171º 28.537 W

Course: 272° true, 1.2 kts

We do night shifts. Around 6pm, Dan goes to sleep, most of the time he sleeps in the master cabin on the almost a queen size bed. The bed has a thick foam mattress, and in the waves it’s like sleeping on a trampoline. As a result, he sleeps with his arms and legs spread-out so he doesn’t get tossed off the bed.

At midnight, Marlene sleeps. While traveling she feels more secure sleeping on one of the couches in the salon. We have Lee Cloths on the couches that keep you from falling off.

Although less roomie Dan will sleep in the salon if it’s really wavy.

In very light winds, we slowly motored most of the day and night Thursday. At midnight we stopped since we were way ahead of our buddy boat.

Are we there yet?

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