Bula Fiji- Day 15

Friday April 30, 504 miles to go!

Not much wind today, 6 knots tops. Did some motor sailing and sailing.

For dinner I made Ancient Grains with roasted red peppers, peas, and salmon, tasty!

*Iridium Go Notes*

Pleasant Day in the Pacific

Fri 30/Apr 23:27 GMT-11

17º 59.447 S 172º 13.817 W

Course: 272° true, 0.8 kts

Mild breeze from the north on Friday. Motored some, sailed some, then motored some more. Stopped at midnight to wait-up for our buddy boat.

The current out here is amazing. When we stop, we drift back towards the southeast at 1.5 knots.

Lazy days… we are both doing a lot of reading.

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