Bula Fiji- Day 16

Saturday May 1 and Sunday May 2, the entire weekend in one day!

Tomorrowland, we crossed the International Date Line, Day-16. Typically it would be 180.00 longitude but it does a bit of of a zigzag between islands so island groups will be in the same time zone. Samoa wanted to be part of the western pacific where American Samoa wanted to be on side the USA is, the Date Line run between them. For us, “tomorrow” will be at 172.45w. Saturday at 3:31pm, with the blink of an eye it was 2:31pm Sunday! 10:31pm Saturday Philadelphia time.

Three additional books I finished reading on this passage, “Well Girl” by Jamie Amerine. A spiritual self help book, not my kind of read. Also finished “Seeds of Hope” by Debbie Tremel, kind of Hunger Games meets QAnon. Two books I personally would not recommend. The third, “Blood in the Low Country” by Paul Attaway, this was a good story, I liked it. I won these Kindle books from Goodreads giveaways.

*Iridium Go Notes*

The International Date Line

Sun 2/May 14:28 GMT+12

17º 30.436 S 172º 44.616 W

Course: 275° true, 5.7 kts

We crossed the International Date Line. A different number on our calendars, yet in Universal Time, it’s just another moment that passed by.

Real nice sailing on Saturday, which is now Sunday. We sailed close-hauled to the north. Then the wind turned, coming from the southeast, and pointed us directly at Fiji on a close reach, All in 10-25 knots of fresh breeze.

There is high pressure weather system to the south. If the brunt of the wind makes it up to here, sailing may be a little rough for us in the next few days,

About 400 nautical miles to go!

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