Bula Fiji- Day 18

Tuesday, May 4, 225 miles to Fiji!

It has rained all day! We finally saw the sun and blue sky as it was setting.

We made homemade chicken noodle soup in the pressure cooker for lunch, so good on this dreary day!

*Iridium Go Notes*

Drive Thru Boat Wash

Tue 4/May 23:58 GMT+12

16º 24.323 S 177º 40.727 W

Course: 291° true, 6.4 kts

Much of Tuesday morning was sailing in the rain, so the salt spray has been throughly rinsed-off. Winds have been brisk during the completely overcast day, 12-22 knots, now at 21.

Making good progress on this moonless night (the moon rises at 0025, 28% waining). Boat speed is around 7 knots, broad reaching.

We’d like to maintain a VMG value of 5 knots or better to arrive in Fiji on Thursday. Velocity Made Good “VMG” is a measure of how fast the boat is approaching the destination regardless of which way the boat is pointing. Our current VMG is around 6.5 knots!

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