Bula Fiji- Day 19

Wednesday , May 5 Happy Cinco de Mayo, Flashback one year ago today we were in Santa Barbara, California with John and Joy with Margaritas and Taco pie!

120 miles to go!!, we should arrive Thursday morning.

We had good winds last night so we went with it. Cruising 7-8 knots most of the night.

Lots of rain mid-day. The wind hit 29 knots at the start then dropped to 5. The squall took the wind away.

*Iridium Go Notes*

Last Night of the Passage

Thu 6/May 00:57 GMT+12

17º 00.904 S  179º 55.031 E

Course: 257° true, 4.8 kt

We’re approaching Savusavu, our “check-in” destination. Arrival in the morning (Thursday).

Motoring now, no wind, calm seas.

Enjoying stars not blocked by the scattered clouds, before the moon rises.

It’s dark out there!

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