Namena Bay

Sunday May 23, we arrived in the Bay by 8am, dropped anchor near the island. We are not allowed to go ashore. Namena Bay a Marine Protected Area. It is a barrier reef system home to a variety of rare species of fish, invertebrate, and coral. In February 2016 the eye of Cyclone Winston passed directly over Namena destroying all the buildings. All the trees were knocked down in the strongest winds ever recorded in the Southern hemisphere. It is also a migratory pathway for bottlenose and spinner dolphins, minke, pilot, sperm and humpback whales. Namena is also a major seabird nesting site with approximately 600 pairs of protected red boobies.

Blueberry pancakes for breakfast, today Mike and Sue joined us. We’ve been teasing them for weeks about our Sunday breakfasts. Later we snorkeled.

Monday May 24, it seriously rained most of the day! Where we are anchored is quite protected, with the wind and waves the boat was rocking. A lazy day! We watched a few episodes of “The Big Bang Theory”, we’re now on season 11, the movie “Hillbilly Elegy”, and the four part documentary “This is a Robbery, The Worlds Biggest Art Left“. Also with buttered popcorn of course.

Tuesday May 25, another rainy day here in paradise. Dan slept most of the day. He has an ear infection probably from all the swimming, we have antibiotics on board he’s been taking.

Wednesday May 26, *Sourdough Notes* 1 Belle loaf in the works.

We took a dinghy ride around the small island here in the lagoon.

Later, Mike and Sue came over for sundowners.

Thursday May 27, *Sourdough Notes* baked the loaf of bread in the morning, just as it finished baking, the tank ran out of propane. Good timing! Meanwhile Dan went with Mike and Sue on their dive. Dan was their “driver”, he stayed in the dinghy following them as there is current along the edge of the reef.

Sundowners on Ocean Sapphire. We were joined by s/v Cachalot, Alison and Mike. She’s from Scotland he’s from New Zealand. They arrived here this morning, but have been in Fiji for more than a year.

Friday May 28, another rainy day, Sundowners on Ocean Sapphire with Alison and Mike too.

Saturday May 29, 7:30am we departed Namena, arrived back in Savusavu by 1pm.

Dan was able to see a doctor for his ear, our diagnosis was correct. An outer ear infection, swimmers ear. Liquid antibiotic drops were prescribed.

For dinner we went to the Surf and Turf restaurant on the north side of town. We were joined by four other boats that are here at the marina. There were 15 of us, and were the only patrons there. We are all in the same “bubble” been on boat for more than 14 days, quarantined and COVID tested upon arrival.

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