Fiji Week 4

Sunday May 30, blueberry pancakes for breakfast! We video chatted with all our kids. Boat cleaning day, dinner with Mike and Sue here at the marina.

Monday May 31, the infamous FedEx package finally arrived to us! Our friends Kate and Graham on s/v Barracuda of Islay brought along from Tahiti. The package arrived after we left. Our Visa had expired we couldn’t wait for it. It contained movies, important mail, photos, a watch and toilet seat hinges we were unable to find anywhere in French Polynesia.

For dinner, 6 of us went to the Daku Resort, Mike, Sue, Kate, Graham, Dan and I. Small world coincidence, the owner of the resort stopped at our table, turns out she went to school with Kate!

Tuesday June 1, Today we say farewell to our buddy-boat Mike and Sue on s/v Ocean Sapphire. We met them in Tahiti on April 13th, and sailed together for the past 7 weeks. They are sailing home to Australia.

Another rainy day, took a trip to the grocery store for a few items,

Wednesday June 2, another rainy day in paradise! Apparently it rains a lot in eastern Fiji.

Thursday June 3, and another rainy day. Dan went back to the doctor today for his ear. He was given a few different prescriptions. I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather myself. Might have been a touch of food poisoning.

Friday June 4, feeling better today but still not back to normal.

Saturday June 5, Kate and Graham rented a car for the day. We went with them on a road trip across the island to Labasa, the largest city on Vanua Levu.

For dinner 12 of us, 5 boats, went to dinner at the Daku resort. They had a pre fixe meal for us, starting with pumpkin soup, then chicken with mashed potatoes and vegetables finished with a fruit pastry. There was also vegetarian option, stuffed sweet potato.

12 thoughts on “Fiji Week 4

  1. Wait, “turns out” the owner of the Daku Resort went to school with Kate!
    How is that possible? Did Kate know she was a restaurant owner in Fiji? Just a coincidence? WOW.


  2. All of your posts continue to be fascinating and the photography does justice to the beauty of your voyage. Question how do you plan to navigate around Australia when the day comes? Southern Ocean?


  3. Somehow I missed some of your posts! Good to hear from you and happy to see things are going so well!! Loved all your beautiful pics and seeing the good times you are having. Well, I guess we are STILL not able to join you as Paul tore his rotator cuff and needs surgery. 😦 Never ends, does it? We are sooooo bummed!!


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