Reunion – Week 3

Wednesday October 13, produce shopping at the farmer’s market this morning in preparation for leaving within the next 5 days. We also turned the boat around, stern in as we are having a few areas welded tomorrow, this way the equipment needed can be on the dock.

We found out later in the day that they don’t allow welding in the basin. We’ll have to take Trance over to the municipal dock around the corner, where it is allowed.

Thursday October 14, Trance got welded today. We had three stainless steel welds that failed when crossing the Indian Ocean, the stern pulpit at the gate, the wind generator mount and the mount that lifts the dinghy motor.

After the welding was completed we returned to our slip in the marina. The welder had fabricated two stainless steel plates for us, these we put on the bottom as extra stability for both the wind generator and the the radar mounts. I did my first “lazarette dive”, to pull down the wires for the wind generators as Dan attached it to the pole.

Friday October 16, We attended a going away party for Yann who is leaving on in his little red boat, Monday for Richards Bay, South Africa. Everyone brought hors d’oeuvre, drinks and there was some home brewed beer also. We met lots of wonderful sailors. The party was on the dock by the public boat work area. When it started the rain the tables and people moved under a large catamaran that was on the hard.

Saturday October 16, Dan went to the top of the mast with help from Didier, to re-thread the Genoa halyard that broke. Our spare halyard used to do this has too much friction for me to to hoist Dan, so we always need to find someone stronger to help. Next time the mast is lowered this issue will be investigated. Our to do list almost completed!

Sunday October 17, together with Magaly and Didier, we drove to an observation point, high on the north side, for the volcano Piton de la Fournaise, 8632ft high. For the past 10 years it has erupted about every 9 months, the last was In April 2021. It is the most visited attraction on Reunion Island. When we arrived the cold fog and mist rolled-in leaving the crater unseen.

There are several educational hiking trails throughout the caldera, as well as tent camping areas.

Monday October 18, waiting for a weather window to sail to South Africa. There is not much wind here right now, but too much predicted wind 7 days out near South Africa.

Laundry day.

Tuesday October 19, Road trip to Saint-Pierre to La Saga de Rhum. The Isautier rum museum and factory. We took a self guided tour of the museum ending at the tasting room where we sampled various rums.

In 1845, the Isautier family business was created. It is the oldest rum distillery and oldest business on Reunion Island, producing award winning spirits in international competitions around the world.

10 thoughts on “Reunion – Week 3

  1. Sailors need their Rum!
    That could be a little scary going to a volcano that erupts every 9 months or so, would need a quick escape route.
    Love that you are meeting and creating close relationships with so many adventurous sailors.
    Love you,


    1. The volcano is the biggest tourist attraction here. Sampling rum was interesting, they have a line of flavored rums too, I think we all tasted every rum they make!


  2. You guys are living your best life for sure! So exciting to see the pictures and read about your adventures. You both look great. Keep well. xo


  3. Where’s the photo or video of your “lazarette dive”?
    Why didn’t Yann wait and travel with you guys? Going alone, wow.
    How are you recording everyone’s name, boat and address? So many to remember.


    1. The photo is there, it’s me scrunched in the compartment, they are called lazarettes. Dan calls it “lazarette diving” when he goes into them. Magaly and Didier we met in Tahiti planned to meet up here or South Africa. The others have boats near ours in the marina we see often. Yann is in a 13 ft boat we may arrive before him with us leaving 5-6 days after him. His boat doesn’t go very fast. He’s a famous French sailor cruising the world alone in his little red boat.


  4. Ummm. You said your ‘To Do list’ was almost done. I think not. LOL Sounds like you’ll always have a ‘To To list’. 😉 Glad you have all your repairs under way & are ready for the next leg of your journey. Safe travels guys!!


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