Wednesday October 20, farmer’s market day!

Thursday October 21, Happy Birthday Danielle!

On the Indian Ocean crossing we discovered two water leaks in the boat which turned out to be coming in from chain plates. Standing rigging (shrouds and stays) which hold up and secure the mast, are connected to steel strapping attached to the hull. This support system is called chain plates. Dan, with my help, removed the cover plates on the rail, dug out the old material, then replaced with new. This product is flexible allowing for movement. A three day job!

Friday October 22, final trip to the Carrefour for provisioning. Customs should arrive on our boat tomorrow morning,

Saturday October 23, departure day. After 24 days on this beautiful island, it’s time to sail west. We are off to Richards Bay, South Africa. This 1,350 nm passage is expected to take about 10 days… and will complete our Indian Ocean crossing.

If you’d like to track TRANCE during the passage, click this link (sometimes requires a refresh to see the map view):

Note: On this page, there will be periodic blog post entries along the way.

You may send an email message while we are at sea to:
Note: text only email message, i.e.: no attachments, no photos, no signature images, etc.

8 thoughts on “Reunion

  1. Fascinating to watch your journey and to see so many others taking such amazing voyages. What adventures!
    Thanks again for sharing.


  2. Good Bye Reunion. Didn’t know you were there until Dan & Marlene mentioned you Looks like a nice place to visit


  3. It’s great to see your post and, as I write this, you must be underway by now! Will be following your posts via PredictWind — fair winds, following seas, sunshine, and stars! ~ Chelle & SV Sunny


  4. Hi guys, how did you secure the standing rigging when removing the plate covers on the metal strapping? Is the strapping ok, is there a way to check without damaging the hull liner? Great photos as always.


    1. Light wind days, loosened the back stays a little, put a spinnaker halyard to port rail, put spare main halyard to starboard rail.

      I banged on the strappings with a hammer… they had a nice ring to it. Not sure how to check further.


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