iSimangaliso Wetland Park

Friday November 19, Together with Magaly and Didier from s/v Falbala, we took a day trip to St. Lucia for a Sunrise safari drive, exploring the Eastern shores of the iSimangaliso Wetland Park followed by Hippo & Croc Boat Safari up the St Lucia Estuary. These wetlands are designated a World Heritage Site, which are cultural and or natural sites considered important for future generations.

Then the road block occurred, we waited about an hour for the Elephants to move. There were three calves amongst the herd, so inching closer in the vehicle would create a dangerous situation.

Boat safari on the St Lucia estuary.

9 thoughts on “iSimangaliso Wetland Park

  1. Those pics are amazing! How exciting to be able to experience these wonders!!! I am going to assume that male elephants only have tusks? If this is so, I got to wondering about your pics showing multiple males together in the herd of elephants, and if your guide possibly mentioned anything about the males fighting with one another for females?


    1. Thanks! Female African Elephants do have tusks, they are shorter and straight where males are more curved and heavier. The elephants in that herd were all female they live together as a herd and collectively look after the young. Male elephants are basically loaners. There is no competition for mates or status within the herd it is led by the oldest female.

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      1. That is so interesting! Thank you for explaining that to me — I had no idea that is how the herd dynamics work with elephants.


  2. Isn’t that an American Eagle in Africa? Do they celebrate Thanksgiving in Africa? Do they have Whole Turkeys in the Grocery store?


    1. Ken, all the wildlife was labeled under each photo. Are they visible? They are African Fish Eagles or Sea Eagles. Thanksgiving giving being a celebration of the harvest, some countries do have similar holidays. Yes, I did see whole frozen turkeys in the grocery store yesterday.


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