South Africa – Week 4

Monday November 22, went to several grocery stores in search of a Turkey breast, finally found one, It’s about 1kg or 2lbs.

Later in the afternoon a musical jam session was held by a few cruisers, then sundowners with our new friends from Mexico. They will be flying home in a few days to Mexico City to obtain a visa for South Africa, then fly back.

Tuesday November 23, took a drive to the next town to pickup new boat cards we had made as our stash was running low. Many cruisers have them to share your contact info with other boats. A few modifications were made to these, a different photo of us, our blog address, and logos added of Seven Seas Cruising Association and Ocean Cruising Clubs which we are members of.

The remainder of the day was gray with scattered rain showers.

Wednesday November 24, provisioning day, mostly produce, but enough for a week. Departing Richards Bay late Thursday for Durban, anticipate arriving mid morning on Friday, We shall stay there a few days then continue around the coast of South Africa. The rental car was also returned.

The checkout process was started. A seven page document was completed and stamped by the yacht club. Next stops customs, immigration then police to get it stamped, which we will do tomorrow morning. Eric will pick up Dan and drive him to the locations to get this document validated. After submitted it back to the yacht club, we will have 36 hours to depart Richards Bay. Each port in South Africa has the same checkout process.

Thursday November 25, 🦃 there are several American boats here at Zululand Yacht Club. We all gathered for dinner for a Friendsgiving celebration. Each boat bringing their own protein and a side dish to pass.

With ovens on most boats being small, it is not feasible for most to roast a large turkey. Our Turkey breast was poached in a white wine, chicken broth mixture with aromatics including onions, carrots, celery, green pepper with thyme sprigs along with rosemary, parsley and sage. We used our oven to bake an apple crisp then a sweet potato casserole which we brought to share.

What’s a thanksgiving gathering without a little football? Unable to find an American football, so a rugby ball was purchased. They are similar in size, it will work. Unfortunately it rained all morning and the grass was slippery and wet, the game was canceled.

There were 20 people sharing Thanksgiving dinner. We were outside under a covered picnic/bar area enjoying dinner by candlelight, Inflatable lights and flashlights as the electricity was off due to load shedding.

Departed Richards Bay 9:30pm in a misty rain.

Friday November 26, arrived in Durban around 2pm, 193kn miles traveled, average speed 6.5knots. This passage we switched our watch times, I slept from 11-2:30am, Dan 2:30 am – 5:30am. It was the first time on this journey I’ve witnessed an Ocean sunrise. Amazing when the sun rises how much it awakens you.

The port in Durban has one large marina with two yacht club buildings on either side, Royal Natal Yacht Club and Point Yacht Club. When we registered at the marina, our thumbprint was scanned. Placing your thumb on a digital reader at the gate is how you gain access to the guarded gated docks.

Saturday November 27, lunch at the Point Yacht Club. These water birds were hanging around the club.

9 thoughts on “South Africa – Week 4

  1. Just loved looking at your pics! Your Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving meal looks delicious. Of course I’m concerned about Omicron,-will you have to quarantine? Stay safe and enjoy the holiday season.


  2. Love this Friendsgiving update. The checkout process seems arduous to do for each club. Also love the idea of temporary memberships with thumbprint access. Can’t lose that! When can you guys qualify for a booster?


    1. The paperwork is a bit much, there is a push by Ocean Sailing Association of South Africa to change that. We went today with another boat and got our third Pfizer shots!


  3. Great to see you Thanksgiving, with the Family Chat. We had 28 Adults and 9 kids under 6 years old. Very loud at times!!!
    Did the Catamaran join you for the feast?
    Did you need Visas for SA? For any countries?
    Quite the adventure you’re on.


    1. Yes Ohana joined the Friendsgiving feast! We did not need a visa for SA but can stay here 90 days. Regarding other countries, we paid for an eVisa for Indonesia, in Fiji we needed an agent and paid a fee also paid an entrance fee in Tahiti.


  4. First ~ great picture of you two. You look great! I loved that you had a Friendsgivng dinner!!! Everything look yummy!! Same as everyone else, we were just talking about you this weekend & worried about Omicron for you. We’re so glad to hear you received your 3rd dose!!


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