Sunday November 29, Day trip with s/v Ohana to the country of Lesotho. Lesotho is a small landlocked kingdom surrounded by South Africa. Our tour was with Zulu Safaris. We took the Sani Pass, Lesotho, 4×4 Tour. There were 10 of us traveling in two vehicles, each with a guide.

First stop Pietermaritzburg, 80km NW of Durban. It is the capital of KwaZulu-Natal. We had a short tour of the area then stopped at the Mahatma Gandhi’s statue in front of City Hall.

Next a drive through the Drakensberg Mountains and up to the Sani Pass into Lesotho. Passports stamped! The Sani Pass is a notoriously dangerous road, which requires the use of a 4×4 vehicle. It is the gateway to the ‘Roof of Africa’ a 9km scenic route that links the picturesque scenery of the Drakensberg mountains and mountains of northern Lesotho. The road is full of holes, loose rocks, boulders and gravel. It’s a serie of winding twists, switchbacks, hairpins, plunging drops and spectacular scenery. It is one of the highest roads of the country.

Basotho people are an ethnic group native to Lesotho and South Africa. Villages are often located high in the mountains, above the deep river valleys and flood danger. There you can find many flocks of sheep grazing in the summer growth amongst the villages.

We met Analina, she served us sweet bread and was selling items she had made. We purchased a very nice grass basket and a pair of earrings. After visiting the village we stopped to see Father Emmanuel Siphiwe Thato from the Tower of Strength Ministries where we gave donated items to him.

20 thoughts on “Lesotho

  1. I love Dan’s new outfit! Analina’s hut was so empty inside. Where does she keep everything? What are your temperatures?


    1. He’ll be on the runways modeling that new look, lol. They live a simple life, her small bed was on the wall to right. There was a cupboard for dishes, the center they make a fire to cook on. Multiple huts are clustered together, like each persons own bedroom.


  2. Do you know if the new Covid mutation OMICRON affect your next destination(s) you had planned to sail to?


  3. What a great set of pix! So, does “treacherous” have a different feeling in a 4×4 on a rocky road in mountains in Africa than it does on s/v Trance on the ocean? LOL! Thanks for posting . . . xoxo


  4. Love your pictures. Hopefully you will stay safe from this new virus coming out of Africa its said. Hopefully you will still be allowed to enter where you want to.


  5. Hi Guys , loving your blog ,look forward to your new posts every week.
    You guys really get around ,enjoy SA.


  6. Wow I drove thru Lesotos in 1980 with an English friend.
    It was a little scary as it we only had the gas in the car as it was Saturday and no weekend gas sales to save fuel! ( energy problems have been going on since long time there).
    The border was 2 guys in army fatigues and AK47’s😱
    We made it they fine to east london ,it was very poor looking and there what huge erosion of the soil and no farming anywhere even though it had been previously.
    Couldn’t even find a shop to buy lunch even if we wanted to!
    Glad to see it doing better !
    Cheers Warren


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