South Africa – Week 5

Monday November 29, in the morning we walked to grocery store with Michael and Verina from s/v Webik, they are from Austria. Durban is a dirty, litter filled city from what we saw, walking distance from the marina, I’m sure there are nice areas too. When we checked into the marina a few days ago, they told us it’s not safe to walk around town. Also if we needed a taxi, ask them, they would recommend someone they trusted. With safety in numbers the four of us ventured off to the grocery store. When we arrived at the food store, it was like a different world inside from what is outside. It was well stocked and super clean.

Des Cason, our weather person, came to Durban to meet all of us for lunch. He is seated in the center in the bench.

Barbecue dinner with Michael and Verina on their boat. They are parked next to us.

Tuesday November 30, Two years ago today this journey began, now on to the home stretch. Now, we are waiting for a weather window to continue south and west to Cape Town.

Family photo before Dan, Danielle and I departed, November 30, 2019,

This morning along with Michael and Verina s/v Webik we went to a local pharmacy, Clicks, where we all received our third Pfizer COVID vaccine. Sunday night the South African president spoke urging people to get the vaccine. With that said, we anticipated a long line. Sadly there was only one person ahead of us.

We got cookies!

Wednesday December 1, boat project day along with a few sewing jobs. Still waiting for a weather to continue around the coast.

Local news report – Today, Shell Oil has started a seismic survey in search of oil or gas deposits from Morgan Bay to Port St. John’s off the eastern coast of South Africa. m/v Amazon Warrior accompanied by a support vessel, Ocean Fortune, and a guard vessel, Astra G, for five months will drag up to 48 air guns methodically through 6,011km² of ocean surface, firing shock wave emissions that penetrate through 3km of water and 40km into the Earth’s crust below the seabed.

On Sunday, there are planned protests in major cities to demand the government revoke permission given to Shell.

Thursday December 2, completed our 5 page exit papers to depart Durban, Pretty much the same documents when we left Richards Bay. Our destination is East London, Buffalo River Yacht Club.

Continued on my sewing projects, to gift, sell or barter.

For dinner there was a Braai at the Point Yacht Club. We grilled chicken and brought a macaroni tuna salad to share.

Friday December 3, The weather looks good, departed Durban today by 5:30pm along with s/v Ohana, s/v Webik, for East London. Just stating their journey around the world, s/v Sea Dancer, Beverley and Andree from Durban, also departing today for Cape Town.

We motored until after midnight as there was no wind. It took several hours to get to the Agulhas current.

Saturday December 4, The wind gradually filled in and main sail was deployed at 1:30am. The Genoa was set at 6am along with pole, wing on wing. Speed over ground ranged from 7-9knots. It has been raining all morning, a pesky drizzle started that took the wind away. SOG is still 5-6knots mostly due to 2knots of positive current. At times we saw 3.5knots of positive current.

Until we round the bottom of Africa, we want an easterly breeze, or no wind at all. A southwest breeze is dangerous here because when the wind is against the strong Agulhas current it creates high waves. So we will take short hops when favorable conditions exist.

Slippers on boat, perfect for this damp rainy day. Our full cockpit enclosure keeps us dry.

150 nautical miles traveled in the past 24 hours.

Sunday December 5, 9:30am we arrived at Buffalo River Yacht Club in East London, connected to the mooring system.

268 total nautical miles traveled, from Durban.

After lunch team Ohana invited us to join them on a city tour. First stop monument to German settlers and murals.

4 thoughts on “South Africa – Week 5

  1. Is the s/v Sea Dancer, with Beverley and Andree from Durban, planning a similar round-the-world route and time period that you took? What do they have for a boat? Invite them to the Chesapeake.

    Where’s the Catamaran and the other boats that you were traveling with?


    1. Yes Sea Dancer is from Durban, it’s a catamaran. I believe they are going to Panama. They will be in Cape Town soon.

      The other catamaran we were with is here too, s/v Ohana. Our French friends are still in Richards Bay waiting for parts from the electrical event from lightning. Another boat we met in Fiji, s/v Estran, just arrived in Richards Bay. There are also 2 other US boats going to Cape Town, they were in East London, (also met them in Richards Bay). We decided the weather window was good to make it all the way to Cape Town, others are doing smaller jumps around the coast. The weather window is not always there, at least we’ve now made it around The Cape of Good Hope and are now in the Atlantic Ocean.


  2. Really enjoyed this, too — what a journey you are having! Your sewing projects are so creative, too, btw — great idea for giving old sails new life!


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