South Africa – Week 6, to Cape Town

Monday December 6, a weather window opened up giving us 4 days to make it Cape Town. Our planned departure will be tomorrow morning.

There is a washing machine at the yacht club, free to use. We did a couple loads then hung them out on the boat till it rained. For dinner the club had macaroni and cheese dinner with salads. One Mac and Cheese casserole had chicken, the other bacon.

Tuesday December 7 – Day 1, departed East London at 7:45am.

Not much wind to start, so we motored out to ride in the Agulhas current. The winds were light with swift current, 2-4knots in our favor. We were motor sailing to maintain speed 8-9knots speed over ground to keep within our weather window.

Wednesday December 8 – Day 2, 192.5 nautical miles traveled in the past 24 hours, average speed over ground 8.5knots mostly due to current.

Scrambled eggs for breakfast on the calm no wind morning.

The wind filled in early afternoon, predicted to be around 20knots. With a double reefed Genoa, our speed over ground is 11.5-12knots as we are sailing in the sweet spot of the current, it’s adding 4knots to our speed.

*Sourdough Notes* the Levain was started at the end of my shift Tuesday 12am. Dan finished the rest with my instructions. I fell into a winch on a wave, this morning, ribs to hard metal edge, a big ouch. Does not hurt to breathe nor yawn, just move. The impact was on high on my side, near my arm. Pretty sure I broke or bruised a few ribs.

Thursday December 9 – Day 3, 386 total nautical miles traveled, 193.5 nautical miles in the past 24 hours.

Continuing around the coast of South Africa, 35 24.178S, 23 00.842E is the most southerly point our journey has taken us. We are heading northwest out the the Agulhas current stream. Officially crossed the Indian Ocean, we are now sailing in the Atlantic Ocean.

Friday December 10 – Day 4, this morning at sunrise we are 36 Nautical miles from Cape Town. The wind has diminished, motor sailing probably the rest of the way.

Arrived in Cape Town, V&A Waterfront Marina a little after 12 noon. 572 total nautical miles traveled, 76 hour, average speed 7.5knots.

Saturday December 11, we walked along Battery Park, stopped at a small cafe for breakfast.

Battery Park is an urban park between the V&A Waterfront and Cape Town’s Business District. There are series of pedestrian routes, including one alongside the canal. The area has various outdoor recreation public spaces, a skateboard park, basketball court, standup paddle board rentals for use on the canal. Walkways are surrounded by restaurants stores and businesses.

Parked next to us in the marina is s/v Roxy. Caroline and Jerome from Belgium. I first met her on Facebook when we were in Tahiti, in the private French Poly Cruisers Group. They are friends with s/v Falbala. The four of us went for drinks an dinner at Victoria Wharf, it was Jeromes birthday.

The Victoria Wharf, located at the V&A Waterfront, is a very active mall with street performers, outdoor amphitheater, food courts, specialty shops and restaurants. Many stores are the same I would find in a mall at home.

Sunday December 12, we walked to the Oranjezicht City Farm Market for breakfast. It’s a weekend outdoor Artsy food, craft and produce market. Later we walked around the mall at Victoria Wharf.

Boat project for the rest of the day. We have a plumbing issue with the aft head. Ugh! Dan is going to replace the hose from the head to the three way valve.

9 thoughts on “South Africa – Week 6, to Cape Town

  1. Hi guys, sorry to hear about Marlene’s rib cage event, another friend of ours had a similar injury while we were sailing. Heads! What would we do without them? We replaced our’s on Meredith last Spring, hoses, comode, the works…ugh.
    Enjoyed the photos and commentary as usual.


    1. No didn’t see a doctor or get X-rays. Breathing is good no issues just hurts the process of laying down, sitting and standing. Walking is good.


  2. Any Covid restrictions in the City? Our news is that the Omicron Variant started there.
    How did the two of you wear out a Toilet Hose in just two years ???


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