North to Walvis Bay

Monday January 10, Happy Birthday Mike! We departed Luderitz by 9am, heading north to Walvis Bay. It’s a no wind kind of morning.

Atlantic Ocean Sunset

Tuesday January 11, Totals nautical miles traveled 131. The morning was a calm motor sail in fog with 5knots of wind. At one point we were being followed by at least 100 seals. It was amazing! They were surfing the water like dolphins trying to keep up with us.

Atlantic Ocean Sunset

Wednesday January 12, 8:30 am we arrived and anchored in Walvis Bay. Total of 249 nautical miles traveled this passage.

Walvis Bay is a small coastal town protected by a long sand spit. Surrounded by desert, it is a busy fishing and shipping port. A tidal lagoon there is home to Flamingos, Pelicans and Damara Terns birds.

In the afternoon we rented a car. It’s a Toyota Fortoner, counterpart to a Toyota Forerunner.

Thursday January 13, Departed Trance at 7:30am, loaded up the dinghy motored to the yacht club. Loaded up the car, locked the dinghy near other boats at the yacht club. Off for three days, 2 nights heading north. We arrived late afternoon opted to check in to the hotel and have some pool time.

Friday January 14, visit to Etosha National Park. See separate post for details.

Saturday January 15, we stopped in the city of Swakopmund, also surrounded by desert, settled by German colonists in 1892. It is a coastal city with pristine sandy beaches reminiscent of any southern California beach town. There are modern upscale homes, palm tree lined streets and beautiful flowers. A midsts the modern there stands several 20th century buildings of German architecture still in use today.

Sunday January 16, provisioning day, produce and meats plus a few essential paper products.

Monday January 17, picked up our laundry, visited customs and immigration, passports stamped! Returned rental car, fueled up Trance and we’re off to St Helenas!

10 thoughts on “North to Walvis Bay

  1. Wow!
    Looks like you will be back in USA. Before hurricane season !
    You might not be able to land on Saint Helena? It was closed last year.
    Ascension island might be available but it was closing last year too but RSA friend stopped there and found it amazing.


  2. Love reading your posts about Africa.
    So different to over in the Pacific. The seals must have been incredible!


  3. Pretty awesome looking buildings there. I can’t imagine the seals following you. That must have been so cool to witness!! Did you get any pics?


  4. Your city pictures look almost like a movie set…no people.
    Did you know Trance made the cover of the IPYOA calendar for 2022. You’re famous.


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