Etosha National Park

Friday January 14, Etosha is one of the largest national parks in Africa at 8600 square miles. Established in 1907 and became a national park in 1967. The main characteristic of the park is a salt pan (a dried salt lake) that can be seen from space, it comprises 23% of the park. There are several waterholes throughout, which make for great wildlife gatherings and viewing.

9 thoughts on “Etosha National Park

  1. Holy moly, those pics are incredible!!!! WOW!!! Absolutely stunning!!! Did you have a tour guide in the park? Being that I’m a horsewoman, I am frequently drawn to the beauty of zebras, but all of the wildlife is breathtakingly beautiful! What a journey!!!!


  2. Your animal shots are simply amazing! How did you know what kind of animal they are if you didn’t have a guide with you? I’m so impressed!


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