Barbados, Week 1

Monday March 7, Barbados is the most easterly of the Caribbean Islands. In November of 2021 she became an independent country. It is also the only island in the Lesser Antilles that is not formed by volcanic rock. The island is sedimentary rock and coral.

After arrival in Barbados we were instructed by Port Signal Station to go to the shallow draft basin and wait for Port Health. We were required to stay on our boat. Several hours had past as well as a few radio calls to Port Signal Station, at 3pm Port Health finally arrived. After a discussion regarding PCR tests, that they required 48hrs prior to arrival, Dan convinced him our 10 days at sea was in fact a quarantine. The officer was really nice and offered to drive Dan as well as the captain of another sailboat that arrived just before us to the customs and immigration office. Passports stamped!

Along with the other boat s/v Naomi we both decided to stay the night on “the wall” and leave by 7:30am to anchor in Carlisle Bay.

Tuesday March 8, at 6:30 am we were awoken by dock workers who wanted us to leave as a cargo ferry needed to dock where we were. We left and anchored in the bay. After getting settled, we took the dingy into Bridgetown to find a restaurant for breakfast. There is a dingy dock up the river under the lift bridge we parked at.

Afterwards we walked around a bit, went back to the boat, I took a nap. Later we went to the Boatyard restaurant beaching the dinghy, for happy hour and dinner,

Wednesday March 9, beach day at the Barbados Yacht Club. We stayed till dark for most of the jazz concert. They were good when they were playing.

Thursday March 10, Dan visited a dermatologist for the persistent issue with his toe. Diagnosis, nothing serious. Afterward we stopped for a light breakfast at this cozy coffee shop/florist.

We spent the afternoon at the Mount Gay Visitors Center. Sampled 4 Rums and had lunch there.

Friday March 11, we took an Island tour on air conditioned bus by Ted of Ted’s Tours. It was a very entertaining ride with Ted’s humor and history. The drive went around the entire island stopping for lunch in Speighstown. Other stops were Cherry Tree Hill, Bathsheba, the fourth was supposed to be at St John’s Parish church but a funeral was in process so an alternate stop was made. Each stop also included beverages, alcoholic and soft drinks. At the conclusion of the tour, the bus drives by Oistiens Fish Market. Several people exited the tour here including us.

The Oistiens experience- this is a Barbados must! An open air out door seating fish market with several food and beverages vendors to choose from in colorful huts as well as arts and crafts being sold under tents. There was also live music on this night. We had dinner with others we met on the tour it was a very enjoyable night.

Saturday March 12, took the bus to check out Port St Charles Marina, we have heard mixed reviews and comments of the place wanted to check it out before sailing up here. Lunch was at a small bar on the beach. Later we hailed a cab to Holetown. This is the high end shopping area, we stopped for ice cream then took the bus back into Bridgetown.

Sunday March 13, yacht club beach day which also included a little bit of snorkeling. Then walked back into town to our dinghy.

The Empire Theater, opened in 1922, being restored into a performing arts facility.

11 thoughts on “Barbados, Week 1

  1. Kathleen and I will be at the Club Med in Martinique April 1 through April 8th. When are you passing by Martinique?


  2. Loved the ‘Husband Day Care’!!!! LOL And how about how crystal blue the waters are? So beautiful!


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