Yo Ho Ho and Mount Gay Rum

Monday March 14, in the morning we pulled up anchor in Carlisle Bay, sailed a few miles north to Port St Charles Marina. We had lunch at the Pier One Restaurant in the marina, a restaurant bar and pool with sun bathing area. We met two couples from Canada had a great afternoon poolside together.

Tuesday March 15, we both slept late did a few boat projects then went out to dinner with our new Canadian friends at Local & Co. Our table was on the sand under an umbrella. The waves gently crashing on the beach with a fantastic sunset. It was a great evening!

Wednesday March 16, factory tour of the Mount Gay Rum distillery. Started with rum punch, ended with sampling 4 different aged rums.

Thursday March 17, a bus ride back into Bridgetown, we stopped for lunch then watched a couple hours of a four day game of Cricket at the Kensington Oval, West Indies vs England. The crowd was 80% from England. We sat next to several really nice Brits who were explaining the game to us as watched as well as answered our questions. This was a “ Test Series“ match kind of like an All Star game. They are called Tests because the matches are long making them mentally and physically challenging. It’s a four inning match which may last up to five days. We arrived just before England scored 503 points, then “declared” to West Indies making it their turn “at bat”. The West Indies star player and number one at bat was out after four “pitches” the crowd roared and broke into song!

35 second video

Friday March 18, provisioning and COVID test morning, taking the bus into Holetown, thats where the was closest testing facility.

The Port St Charles Marina has a Customs and Immigration office here which made it very convenient. Passports stamped! We are off on a 2-3 day passage to St Thomas USVI.

8 thoughts on “Yo Ho Ho and Mount Gay Rum

  1. The wonderful hymn “Jerusalem” from a William Blake poem set to music during the dark days of ww1 1916 as a patriotic uplifting.
    Glad you now understand cricket and can explain it to me! 😜 Warren


  2. We did that tour a few years ago 2011 I think. So cool. Sorry your trip is winding down, love following you! Judy


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