Passage to St Thomas USVI

Friday March 18, Day 1, departed Port St Charles, Barbados at 1 pm. Wind 18-22knots, cruising 7-8 knots with main and staysail. Later, soft Tacos for dinner.

North Atlantic Ocean Sunset 13 27N, 60 06W

Received our PCR test results just before midnight as we were sailing near St Lucia. The internet signal was quite strong and I was able to upload the results along with our vaccine certification to the USVI Travel Portal. Four hours after the upload they replied, our screening status was approved!

Saturday March 19, Day 2, 165 nautical miles traveled.

Once we cleared the shadow of Martinique, winds and waves in the Caribbean increased to around 18-22knots for most of the day, at one point it dropped to 11knots. Cruising at 7-8knots with full main and staysail.

The prevailing trade winds coming from the east across the Atlantic have been quite brisk lately. A little uncomfortable, but after almost 2 1/2 years, we’re getting used to it.

15 29N, 62 10W

Sunday March 20, Day 3, total nautical miles traveled 323, 158 nautical miles in the past 24 hours, 112 miles to go.

While provisioning for this passage, we purchased fresh blueberries for our Sunday morning pancakes! What an adventure that bake was during a pop up squall we didn’t see coming! Dan likes his syrup warm so he puts a coffee mug containing syrup in the microwave to heat it up. When he opened the microwave door, the mug slid out spilling all over the counter running down the pots and pans cupboard. This cupboard is a lift up door in the counter. The pancake mix spilled on another counter. The orange juice was frozen, it was touching the cold plate so orange slushies it is. Eating pancakes out of a bowl, they were delicious! All cleaned up now.

After the storm…
17 22N, 63 58W

Monday March 21, Day 4, total trip nautical miles traveled 437.5, 68 hours. Arrived at Charlotte-Amalie, St Thomas USVI, dropped anchor at 8:56am.

St Thomas

12 thoughts on “Passage to St Thomas USVI

  1. Glad you made it thru those rough waters to St Thomas. I’ve been in that bay several times with vacation trips, best time to shop or eat was after the cruise ships boarded. Red Hook was a nice spot too, closer to Sapphire Beach. Enjoy your stay


  2. Yup, been there when things spill at sea…fir us it was our precious eggs falling out of fridge, cracking all 10 eggs to last us 0n our 8 day passage. Welcome to your home country. Judy and Jack


  3. Wahoo! Cant wait to see you guys! Two years ago today we were sailing up the Mexican west coast! I would offer to help you guys sail up the east coast, but you guys don’t need us!


  4. What a truly amazing and brave adventure! We have enjoyed reading all your blogs and are amazed at how resourceful and resilient you are. Are you looking forward to being home, or are you wanting to continue the adventure? Hope you are going to write a book or do travelogues or something to share your adventures!! Yes, welcome back to US (well, sort of) waters!
    Carol and Gary Fritz


    1. Thanks Carol and Gary! Yes definitely looking forward to being home and being with the family again!!! I am writing a children’s book for the grandkids, I like it a lot so far.


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